Physics Animations

Projectile Motion

The Monkey and the Hunter

Air Track Collisions

Newton's Cradle

Hooke's Law

Motion in a Noninertial Frame

Rolling Disc

Simple Harmonic Motion 1

Simple Harmonic Motion 2

Damped Simple Harmonic Motion

Driven Simple Harmonic Motion

Coulomb's Law

Field Lines

Electric Field of an Oscillating Charge

Electric and Magnetic Fields of an Oscillating Charge

Spinning Charges and an Inhomogeneous Magnetic Field

A Simple Piston


Nuclear Decays

Pair Production

The Interaction of X-rays With Matter

Rotating a Mirror and the Reflected Ray

Reflection and Refraction

Object-Image Relationships

Using an Optical Bench

The Bohr Model

Wave Particle Duality

The Double Slit Experiment


Doppler Effect

Tuning Fork

Pressure and Displacement Waves


Traveling Waves

A Plane Wave Travelling Through Two Mediums

Reflections From a Barrier

Reflections From Two Barriers

Standing Waves With a Node on Both Ends

Standing Waves With a Node on One End